DEI in Not-for-Profits: Discussion with Foundation Leaders

COVID-19 has presented unique and significant challenges to nonprofits’ abilities to serve their constituents, especially people of color and underrepresented minorities. Research suggests that underserved communities are disproportionately impacted by COVID, thus taxing the nonprofits whose missions are to support them. Meanwhile, due to the economic burden of COVID, experts predict that one-third of nonprofits will not survive the pandemic.

This discussion looks at the role of not-for-profit foundations in the COVID era and their relation to diversity, equity and inclusion in today’s society. It is hosted by Julie Rosen, leader of WittKieffer’s Not-for-Profit Practice. The speaking panel includes three experienced and respected foundation leaders:

  • Qiana Thomason, President/CEO, Health Forward Foundation
  • William Buster, SVP of Impact, Dogwood Health Trust (former EVP of Community Investments, St. David’s Foundation)
  • Mary Skelton Roberts, Co-Director of Climate, Barr Foundation

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