Lattice vs. Ladder: Reimagining Executive Career Advancement

For a great many healthcare executives, industry restructuring – particularly the rapid rise of matrixed mega-systems – has upended the traditional vertical path of advancement. Aspiring leaders must navigate the organizational lattice rather than climb the ladder, either within their current employer or through other employers.

This webinar, presented by the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), illustrates new ways of thinking about career advancement for current and future healthcare executives, courtesy of WittKieffer’s Jason Petros and Keshia Harris. They then host a panel discussion with Gabrielle Cummings, FACHE, President, NorthShore Acute Care Operations and Highland Park Hospital at NorthShore – Edward Elmhurst Health, and Tammy Scarborough, President, Statewide Region, UNC Health. Both Cummings and Scarborough share their experiences in taking imaginative routes to reaching their current destinations, and share sage advice for other healthcare leaders to develop in their careers.

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