A New Year and New Ideas for Recruiting

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the healthcare industry while also sparking new ways of recruiting top leaders. In this video, four of WittKieffer’s new senior partners in its Healthcare Practice share insights into how organizations can master the art of recruiting in the pandemic era.

Stephen Davis considers how the pandemic has impacted executive recruitment. One positive, notes Davis, is that videoconferencing has made searches more efficient and cost-effective: both the expense of travel and amount of time needed for first-round interviews have been greatly reduced, he says.

Brian Krehbiel highlights the need for interim leadership during COVID-19, whose impact has been exacerbated by the fact that many healthcare organizations are “flatter” than in the past. “The pandemic has made people realize how much capacity they’ve taken out of their leadership teams,” he says. Hiring interim executives is a way to “refill the cup” and reenergize leadership.

Jason Petros offers advice for clients on how to engage with top talent. One key is taking the opportunity of a recruitment to really engage with candidates and “show yourself as an organization that people want to work for.” Flexibility and communication are also critical in today’s executive recruiting, he adds.

Jeff Schroetlin emphasizes new opportunities for leadership in academic medicine. “The challenge moving forward will be using the lessons of the treatment of COVID-19 to other health issues,” he says. “This will require leaders who are committed to breaking down barriers between research, education and the delivery of healthcare.”

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